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Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain treatments at Healthy Smiles Dental in Lancaster, PA, include TMJ appliances and specialized TMJ massage therapy

TMJ Care

At Healthy Smiles Dental, you will receive a complimentary evaluation of the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) at your initial and continuing care visits. The musculature and joint are evaluated for pain, popping, clicking or crepitis. If Dr. Kingston perceives a concern, or you are experiencing discomfort in this area, we are trained to provide interceptive care right in our office.

Through the use of appliance therapy, and occasionally medications, Dr. Kingston can help resolve mild to moderate TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ Massage Therapy

Some patients experiencing TMJ problems may be candidates for TMJ massage therapy. Dr. Kingston and Healthy Smiles Dental refer these cases to Callie Nixdorf, an independent licensed massage therapist who has been trained in the treatment of TMJ musculature and its function. Dr. Kingston and Ms. Nixdorf, who operates the "Wellspring Bodywork" massage practice, have collaborated to create a protocol to manage patients' TMJ pain.

TMJ dysfunction is often caused by chronic tension and stress when patients clench their jaw muscles. TMJ can also occur as a side effect of poor posture, a blow to the face, whiplash or other indirect trauma, or malocclusion (a condition which requires dental intervention). TMJ massage therapy helps to release trigger points in the neck, face and intra-oral muscles and then re-train these muscles to relax.

There are not a lot of people currently offering this therapy, and the results are exciting. By combining the use of minor oral appliances with massage, the Healthy Smiles Dental team is able to help many people live free of pain.

If you are having jaw pain related to clenching, grinding, or TMJ dysfunction, perhaps localized massage therapy is right for you. Call Healthy Smiles Dental in Lancaster at 717.945.7440 to schedule your TMJ evaluation with Dr. Kingston.