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Poster Contest and New "No Cavity Club" Will Encourage Children to Develop Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits

LANCASTER, PA - (February 10, 2014) - Lancaster dentist Dr. Matthew T. Kingston and the Healthy Smiles Dental team are celebrating Children's Dental Health Month with the launch of the practice's new No Cavity Club and a poster contest for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

"Our team at Healthy Smiles Dental is trained to show patients of all ages how keeping their teeth and gums healthy can help promote a longer and healthier life, play an important role in maintaining a healthy heart, and reduce the risk for stroke, numerous types of cancer, even Alzheimer's disease," Dr. Kingston observed. "The American Dental Association's annual Children's Dental Health Month offers the opportunity to educate caregivers about steps they can take to improve children's oral health, and with it, their overall systemic health over the long term," he added.

"Parents know that brushing and flossing twice a day, along with twice-a-year trips to the dentist for a dental exam and cleaning, are important for good dental hygiene," Dr. Kingston said, "but families sometimes get so busy they forget to follow through," he remarked. "Here at Healthy Smiles Dental we're offering incentives that can help make young children eager to develop oral hygiene habits that lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles and overall health benefits," he remarked.

The Healthy Smiles Dental Poster Contest is open to all children in grades K-5. The poster should be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, and parents should put the child's name and grade and a telephone number on the back of the poster. The poster can be any media, but must be hand-done (no computer-generated art) and it should focus on dental hygiene and dental health. Artists should avoid using copyrighted or trademarked images. Posters can be mailed or dropped off at the Healthy Smiles Dental office (during regular office hours). Entries will be accepted from Feb 1 through close of business on Thursday, Feb 27. A winning entry will be chosen at each grade level, and of those, an overall winner will be selected to win the $25 grand prize. Winners at other grade levels will each receive $10. All posters become the property of Healthy Smiles Dental. Complete contest rules and information are on the Healthy Smiles Dental website at

The Healthy Smiles Dental "No Cavity Club" is open to children and teens ages 0-16. Each child who comes in for a routine cleaning and has no cavities (or no new cavities) is automatically enrolled as a member of the Club, will receive a membership certificate and will be entered into that month's prize drawing. The winner will be drawn on the last business day of the month and will be invited to come in to pick up their prize. With parent permission, a photo may be taken and the winner featured on the Healthy Smiles Dental social media sites.

For more information about the American Dental Association's Children's Dental Health Month, including activity sheets that teachers can use, visit 2014 National Children's Dental Health Month theme is "Join the Super Smile Team!"

Healthy Smiles Dental is a new general, cosmetic and restorative dental practice in Lancaster, PA, located in the Woods Edge Plaza at the intersection of S. Centerville Road and Columbia Ave., less than a mile from the Centerville Rd. exit off U.S. 30. Matthew T. Kingston, DMD, an honors graduate of the Temple University School of Dentistry, began his dental career in Ambler, PA in 2001 and has practiced dentistry in Lancaster since 2005. Dr. Kingston and his team provide comprehensive, personalized dental care in a comfortable environment, using state-of-the-art dental technology. The founding principle of Healthy Smiles Dental is treating the dental needs of individuals, while educating patients about the relationship between their oral health and their overall systemic health. Follow Healthy Smiles Dental on Facebook (healthysmilesdental) and Twitter (@HealthySmilesPA). For more information, call 717-945-7440 or visit Healthy Smiles Dental at

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