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Revolutionary Technology Helps Anxious Patients Relax Without Narcotics

LANCASTER, PA - (March 31, 2011) - Dr. Matthew T. Kingston and the Healthy Smiles Dental team has become the first dental practice in Lancaster to offer NuCalm™ technology to help anxious dental patients relax. Unlike traditional "sedation dentistry," NuCalm™ is a technique which has been proven to induce deep relaxation naturally, without the use of narcotics or controlled substances. The patient is able to respond to instructions, and there are no side effects or lingering drowsiness afterward.

"Many of the patients we have been seeing since we opened the practice three months ago haven't been to a dentist in a long time, and we have been particularly excited about the opportunity to help people like these start taking better care of their oral health and obtain the overall health benefits and 'healthy smiles' that result from good oral hygiene," Dr. Kingston remarked. "Our friendly staff, new dental techniques, and payment options that make dental procedures affordable today go a long way to help encourage people like these to take the first step to getting the dental care they need, but we have noticed that some patients are still very anxious and appreciate additional help to relax. NuCalm™ helps patients relax without all the concerns that accompany standard drug-induced sedation, and the response so far has been extremely positive," he said.

"The NuCalm™ technique was first developed for post traumatic stress syndrome individuals and people with sleep disorders," Dr. Kingston continued. "Basically, the NuCalm™ technique offered by Healthy Smiles Dental mimics the body's natural communication pathways which prepare the body for sleep. It works using four components that synergistically work together to create profound relaxation:

1. The patient chews on a tablet that releases nutrients the body produces naturally as we drift off to sleep. Ordinarily, when patients are anxious, adrenaline is released, which makes their instinctive 'fight or flight' response worse. The nutrients in the tablet work together to counteract this adrenaline effect and allow the patient to relax.

2. Soft pads placed behind the ears deliver a very small impulse to the brain and encourage it to "uptake" more of the nutrients in the tablet. The result is more rapid onset of relaxation.

3. Noise reduction headphones deliver soothing music that mimics the pattern and rhythm of brain wavelengths that occur when the body enters sleep, thereby inducing relaxation.

4. Room-darkening glasses block light and external stimuli, contributing to the relaxation experience.

"It only takes 2-3 minutes to administer the four steps, and most patients will begin to experience deep relaxation in 3-5 minutes. The patient experiences a feeling much like what happens just before falling asleep: you begin to sink into your bed, and your arms and legs feel heavy. You may have daydreams or random thoughts, or perhaps experience muscle twitching. This is the place NuCalm™ brings you to, and keeps you there during treatment.

"The great thing is that patients can respond to commands, are relaxed and able to open wide, and cannot have an anxious response. When their treatment is done, the headphones and dark glasses and electrodes are removed, and they are awake, alert and have no drowsiness or side effects. They can drive themselves home, and many patients find they even get a better night's sleep that evening. NuCalm™ is a great alternative to IV sedation, where the patient is 'out' and has hours of recovery," he added.

Healthy Smiles Dental is a new general, cosmetic and restorative dental practice in Lancaster, PA, located in the Woods Edge Plaza at the intersection of S. Centerville Road and Columbia Ave., less than a mile from the Centerville Rd. exit off U.S. 30. Matthew T. Kingston, DMD, an honors graduate of the Temple University School of Dentistry, began his dental career in Ambler, PA in 2001 and has practiced dentistry in Lancaster since 2005. Dr. Kingston and his team provide comprehensive, personalized dental care in a comfortable environment, using state-of-the-art dental technology. The founding principle of Healthy Smiles Dental is treating the dental needs of individuals, while educating patients about the relationship between their oral health and their overall systemic health. For more information, call 717-945-7440 or visit Healthy Smiles Dental at

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