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Independent, Licensed Massage Therapist Trained in TMJ Massage

LANCASTER, PA - (July 18, 2011) - Lancaster dentist Dr. Matthew T. Kingston and the Healthy Smiles Dental team is among the first dental practices in the area to have an independent, Licensed Massage Therapist on site. Callie Nixdorf, owner of "Wellspring Bodywork," is trained in the treatment of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) musculature and its function, and brings sixteen years of experience in all aspects of relaxation massage to her patients.

"If patients are having jaw pain related to clenching, grinding, or TMJ dysfunction, localized massage therapy may be a way to help," Dr. Kingston observed. "At Healthy Smiles Dental, patients receive a complimentary evaluation of the TMJ at both initial and continuing care visits. We evaluate the musculature and joint for pain, popping, clicking or a crackling sensation in the joint called crepitis," he remarked.

Appliance therapy and occasionally medications, as well as TMJ massage therapy, may help to resolve mild to moderate TMJ dysfunction, Dr. Kingston observed. "Callie and I have worked together to create a protocol on how to manage patients' TMJ pain. Through the collaborative use of minor oral appliances and massage, we are able to help people live free of pain," he said.

"I had always wanted to have my own business, and appreciate the opportunity to work with Dr. Kingston and his staff," Ms. Nixdorf commented. "TMJ is often caused by chronic tension and stress. Once we release the trigger points in the neck, face and intra-oral muscles, we can re-train these muscles to relax. There are not a lot of people currently offering this therapy, and it's exciting to see the results," she added.

TMJ dysfunction can result when patients clench their jaw muscles during periods of high concentration or high stress, and can occur as a side effect of poor posture, direct injury (such as a blow to the face), indirect trauma (such as a whiplash), or malocclusion (a condition which requires dental intervention), Ms. Nixdorf noted.

"TMJ-specific massage is focused on eliminating trigger points and refocusing tension in the muscles and connective tissue of the jaw, face, head and neck. The goal is to restore range of motion to the joint, decrease pain and tightness and alleviate dysfunction due to muscle imbalance and chronic contraction of the muscles," she said.

Wellspring Bodywork specializes in therapeutic and wellness massage for relaxation and pain relief. In addition to TMJ dysfunction, Ms. Nixdorf has particular expertise in orthopedic and myofascial techniques for the treatment of whiplash, headaches, sciatica and rotator cuff injuries. She integrates a variety of modalities in her treatment plan, including traditional Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and cross fiber friction. She is also certified in prenatal massage.

Before founding Wellspring Bodywork in 2010, Ms. Nixdorf had been a senior therapist with the Wenger Chiropractic Group in Lancaster for the past four years. She received her certification with honors in massage therapy from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1995 and practiced in Colorado for twelve years before moving back to Lancaster. Her clientele included pregnant women, the elderly and professional athletes, in addition to those who enjoy the many benefits of massage. In recent years, her work has expanded to include more orthopedic and therapeutic massage to assist clients who are in pain due to injury or repetitive use trauma.

When Pennsylvania passed legislation requiring massage therapists to be licensed last year, Ms. Nixdorf easily met the standards for education, certification and experience, and received her Pennsylvania Massage Therapist license.

For more information about Wellspring Bodywork and Ms. Nixdorf's work, visit or call Wellspring Bodywork at 717-725-1330. For information or an appointment for a TMJ consultation, call Healthy Smiles Dental at 717-945-7440.

Healthy Smiles Dental is a new general, cosmetic and restorative dental practice in Lancaster, PA, located in the Woods Edge Plaza at the intersection of S. Centerville Road and Columbia Ave., less than a mile from the Centerville Rd. exit off U.S. 30. Matthew T. Kingston, DMD, an honors graduate of the Temple University School of Dentistry, began his dental career in Ambler, PA in 2001 and has practiced dentistry in Lancaster since 2005. Dr. Kingston and his team provide comprehensive, personalized dental care in a comfortable environment, using state-of-the-art dental technology. The founding principle of Healthy Smiles Dental is treating the dental needs of individuals, while educating patients about the relationship between their oral health and their overall systemic health. For more information, call 717-945-7440 or visit Healthy Smiles Dental at

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