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Teeth Straightening

Modern invisible braces (Invisalign®) and minor tooth movement (MTM®) technologies at Healthy Smiles Dental in Lancaster, PA, can bring straighter teeth to your smile

Invisalign®/Invisible Braces

Perhaps one of the most innovative ideas in modern dentistry is the ability to move teeth using clear plastic aligners - not metal braces.

Straighter teeth not only look great, but they are also easier to clean, and therefore make you less susceptible to gum problems, and making your dental cleanings easier!

Imagine having straighter teeth without having to undergo traditional metal braces. Dr. Kingston was trained and certified as a preferred Invisalign® provider in 2003. Since that time, he has completed numerous cases.

Using advanced computerized CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Kingston and a trained Invisalign® consultant work together to plan the precise movement of your teeth using clear plastic aligners. The aligners are replaced about every two to three weeks as you progress through treatment. The result is a straighter, more beautiful smile! Call Healthy Smiles Dental to set up a free consultation with Dr. Kingston to see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®.

If Invisalign® is not a good treatment option for you, Dr. Kingston will refer you to an qualified orthodontist.


This system of invisible aligners has been developed to assist in the minor movement of teeth. Similar to Invisalign® aligners, these clear plastic trays gently move your teeth incrementally to their ideal position.

MTM® is perfect for individuals who had braces or orthodontic treatment in the past, but have experienced shifting of the teeth. The sooner it is corrected the faster and less expensive the treatment.

Ask Dr. Kingston and his team if MTM® is right for you!