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Tooth Repair

Tooth Repair at Healthy Smiles Dental in Lancaster PA includes treatment of broken teeth, replacing fillings, crowns, and white fillings

Broken Teeth

Teeth can fracture or break for many reasons. Some cracks are large, while some are barely visible to the naked eye. A broken tooth can be painful, sensitive, or it can be asymptomatic (no pain). In any case, repairing a broken tooth is important to maintaining its strength and longevity, as well as the integrity of the teeth around it.

If one tooth breaks, the teeth around it must take on the added workload that the cracked tooth can no longer bear. As a result, the adjacent teeth are under extreme stress and at greater risk for cracking, as well.

Cracked or broken teeth should be repaired as soon as possible to restore optimum strength and function. Often a tooth can be repaired with a new tooth colored filling, or in more severe cases, a crown is required to provide adequate strength.

Dr. Kingston is skilled at repairing your teeth should a crack or fracture occur. He will also evaluate your teeth at routine examinations for the start of cracks or micro-fractures. This can often help prevent painful fractures and the need for emergency care.

Replacing Fillings

Old silver (amalgam) fillings expand over time. As you chew and grind your teeth, these old fillings start to wedge and create micro-fractures in your teeth. At the same time, breakdown of the interface/margin of the tooth filling interface occurs. Bacteria in your mouth seize this opportunity to cause new decay at these weakened areas. Left untreated, these micro-fractures and areas of breakdown grow and tooth strength is compromised. The result can be broken teeth.

It is best to repair and replace aged fillings to prevent tooth fracture and the spread of tooth decay. Dr. Kingston will evaluate all of your existing fillings and inform you if they exhibit marginal breakdown. If so, he may suggest replacement of these older fillings with new tooth colored restorations or crowns.

Tooth Colored Fillings

In order to provide you the most resilient and esthetic filling/restoration, Dr. Kingston uses composite resin as his restorative material of choice. Tooth colored fillings are bonded to the surface of your teeth, rather than just packed in like the older amalgam fillings. The bonding provides increased strength and leakage resistance. Studies have shown that the tooth colored composite restorations have superior wear strength to amalgam (silver fillings). To top it off, they look great!


When a tooth fractures or when a very large filling needs to be replaced, often the ideal way to restore maximum strength and long-term health is by placing a crown over the tooth. After a tooth is shaped, a crown will fit over the remaining tooth. The crown gives the weakened tooth superior strength and improved long term prognosis.

Healthy Smiles Dental is the first practice in Lancaster to introduce Planmeca PlanScan E4D Technology digital dentistry that creates a custom-fitted permanent crown on site in a single, two-hour office visit no messy impressions, no temporary crowns, no extra time off work!

White Fillings

Tooth colored composite fillings ("white fillings") match your teeth and create a more esthetic restoration than silver amalgam.

Not only do tooth colored fillings match the natural color of your teeth, they also create a physical "bond" with your own tooth structure, which ensures greater longevity and marginal seal. These white fillings also flex and move with the teeth as you chew and grind. The result to you is a better, longer lasting restoration.